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My CITI buses have been stoned in Atlantis , Cape Town.

Rioters and stoners were arrested and charged with malicious damage to property.

These types of attacks are becoming more and more frequent in South Africa, due to the unstable political climate we find ourselves in.

Bus operators and owners should ensure that their windows are shatterproofed with Klingshield's  Smash & Grab window film.

 The New Age business analysis 

The Airbus Group plans to test prototypes of self piloted cars, as a way of avoiding gridlock on city roads, by the end of this year.

A new division, called Urban Air Mobility, is to explore the concept and they envisage using it similar to a car sharing scheme.

Using the skies can reduce cost of city infrastructure planners.

A spokesman for the company declined to say how much is being invested in this urban mobility

It would make alot of sense for them to shatterproof their windows with Klingshield, for safety sake as well as glare and sun protection.

 Sandton Chronicle - War wages on Uber

Local metered taxi drivers and Uber drivers are at war because of encroachment on each others territories.

Three Uber cars were stoned on a main Johannesburg road recently.

This type of incident seems to be occurring often around the Sandton area.


Consumers are asking what can be done to secure Uber drivers and their passengers. Klingshield Smash & Grab window films is a no-brainer and should be applied to all Uber cars, to reduce the risk of injury, from flying glass, to passengers.


According to the article in The Daily Mail, a company by the name of RethinkX, a Californian research group, has reported that electric, self-driving, car share schemes will be in full force by 2030, bringing the end to the ownership of personal cars.

Satellite driving technology will be utilized to reduce havoc and accidents.

These cars will have a longer lifetime and far lower maintenance and insurance costs.


I guess it will be similar to a train? - editor Klingshield news


If the vehicles are controlled by satellite, will there still be a place in the market for Klingshield security films on vehicle windows? 

AA national survey - BusinessDay - 18th May 2017

According to an AA article, road safety needs to be improved.

The AA's national survey revealed that close on 75% of motorists are of the opinion there is an alarming deterioration in driver behaviour.

It also learned that 90% of South African drivers believe compliance with the law has become worse.

"Given our country's high Easter road fatality rate, this attitude implies not enough motorists are taking responsibility for their actions, which is worrying."the AA said.

We believe that all vehicles should be fitted with Klingshield Safety Film to give you and your loved ones the best protection.

YOU magazine article

An independent test was conducted by YOU magazine on our window film.

They parked two almost identical vehicles next to each other in the sun, one tinted with Klingshield and one without our product.


Temperature readings were taken after an hour and the results were very surprising.

The outside temperature was 20° C. The temperature inside the untreated vehicle with no window tinting was a staggering 60° C, whilst the temperature inside the vehicle with the tinted windows was a remarkable 45° C.

This is 15° C lower.

Proof that if you wish to keep your vehicle's interior in good condition for longer and also save on fuel, by using the air conditioner less often, you should have you vehicle's windows fitted with Klingshield window film.



Tesla has competition

Aston Martin has just announced it will also have an all electric super car which will be able to travel 200 miles on a single charge.

Aston Martin’s manufacturing plant, in Wales, will be the new factory to manufacture these beasts. They will work in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineerings.


Some interesting facts about these new, high tech, all electric cars is, will they come standard with shatterproof windows or will they also require to be secured with Klingshield Smash & Grab window tint?


Time will tell and your guess is as good as mine. 


They don't make them like this any longer

As the creator and editor of Klingshield’s Smash & Grab news page, I am a fan of old classic cars from the 1950’s era.

Below is a video showing you more details of a 1959 Mercury, which is a rare and elegant beast. At that time in history, tinting of car windows became a reality, to reduce the temperature inside cars, as many of them did not have air conditioning units.


The Batmobile arrives in Australia

The Batman car that is used in the movies, is on display in North Sydney Australia.

I wonder whether the windows on this car are shatterproof or do they also need to be installed with Klingshield’s Smash & Grab window tint?


Porsche SA

Klingshield has been, for the past 8 years, the sole and exclusive supplier of Double Thick Smash & Grab window film to Porsche South Africa.

We pride ourselves in offering the best quality Smash & Grab window tinting on the South African market.


Johannesburg is the most dangerous city in the world to live.

We pride ourselves in offering the best quality Smash & Grab window tinting on the South African market.

Not only are you under threat by smash and grabbers, but you are even attached by law enforcement offices who believe they can abuse you, because they have a badge and belong to the government’s forces.

Watch this video which demonstrates my point.

Mail Online 11 July 2017

Elon Musk has just rolled his his latest Tesla economy brand.

This eco-friendly car is reasonably priced and can travel 215 miles on one electric charge.

Klingshield’s smash and grab tint is a useful add-on to reduce the amount of energy used by the air-conditioning, as well as to shatterproof the windows in the event of a smash and grab attack.

These smash and grab attacks are happening in all the major cities around the world.

Automotive finance companies using kill switches.

Financial watchdogs are up in arms and trying to enforce finance companies to stop installing this technology into the vehicles.

Obviously if the client skips a payment, the kill switch is activated and the vehicle is disabled. The vehicle can only be utilized once the finance company unlocks the switching device.

If the vehicle happens to switch off in a bad location, at least the Klingshield Smash and Grab window film will offer driver and passengers some form of safety.

Klingshield Smash and Grab tint not only shatterproofs the car windows, but it also reduces the amount of sunlight from passing through the windows.

Wheels 24

Blue is the new Black 

Rebel Blue, Miami Blue and Cosmic Blue are the favorite selling colors in the automative industry, at the present time in South Africa

Toyota, Volvo, BMW and Porsche have all launched their latest cars in new shades of blue.

Klingshield Smash & Grab window film comes in various shades of Charcoal, which tends to pick up the blue colors of the cars once applied to the windows.

The famous old Beetle comes to life in Lego

A recent display showed off the magnificent features of the most popular car ever sold. 

The windows were not made of glass and therefore there was no need for Klingshield window tint.

Check this video out.