Email from satisfied customer - 13 July 2017

Thank you. Have paid the balance right now.


Reliable service requires reliable payment.


Thank you for everything.  

Clare Hartford
Tel 0112904159

Email from satisfied customer - 17 May 2017

Good morning Leon,

Attached for your information is a copy of the confirmation of payment in respect of the balance of R4,900.00 for order number 202906.

Thank you to both you and the team who installed the film, it exceeded my expectations.


Bryan Bogle

012 333-4006

082 696-8627

Email from satisfied customer - 11 May 2017

Hi Brian

The installation was completed timeously and to our satisfaction.

Errol and his team were highly efficient and courteous and showed pride in their work and company.

Errol in particular is to be commended! We will definitely recommend your company in the future.

Kind regards

Shelia Tyndall

011 675-2475

083 665-1297

Email from satisfied customer - 28 June 2017

What is the sealer you recommend for painting the bricks outside the bedroom (garden floor)?

The awnings look very nice! Thank you.

Dr CH van der Linde

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Johannesburg News24 - 9th May 2017

Angry protesters in Eldorado Park and Freedom Park, south of Johannesburg, have barricaded roads and petrol bombed vehicles during a very violent and tense situation.

Klingshield's double thick Smash & Grab window film reinforces vehicle windows, offering protection from stoning and petrol bombing.


For more information contact Klingshield's call centre on 011 640-5053

Klingshield Stone-Shield, clear paint protection film, is the best quality available on the world market.


This clear paint protection film stops chips, scratches and small road debris from damaging the body of your vehicle.


For more information contact Klingshield's call centre on 011 640-5053

or click here 

Klingshield's car treatment centre in Johannesburg, offers a fabric protector, similar to Scotchgard, for all fabrics and upholstery in vehicles.

For more information contact Leon on 011 640-5053, or click here 

Klingshield's Data Specifications sheet as required by government, municipalities and transport managers, to verify the effectiveness of the best Smash & Grab product available on the South African market.

For more information contact Leon on 011 640-5053 or click here

Klingshield's car treatment centre has the ability to create designer wraps on vehicles, in either plain colours or digitally printed in custom-designs, to suit an individual's taste or personality.

For more information contact Leon on 011 640-5053 or click here

Back windows of all vehicles are vulnerable to attacks and should be installed with Klingshield's Smash & Grab, window film security products, which reduce the risk of flying glass and injuries to passengers. 

For more information contact Leon on 011 640-5053

Johannesburg Caxton - May 2017

Smash & Grab on the increase

The head of communications for Douglasdale Police Station, Captain Kgasoane,

has alerted drivers to be aware when stopping at intersections in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg.


Mrs Meurer shared a post on Facebook after an attempted Smash and grab. She stated that she was incredibility thankful for the Klingshield

anti - Smash & Grab film on her windows, which prevented a suspect from gaining entry to her car.

Klingshield's Smash & Grab tint certificate, available to all clients.

Klingshield was instrumental in creating the law in conjunction with the South African Bureau of Standards and various traffic authorities.

Many years of testing and negotiation took place and finally, on the 9th of July 1982, the law was passed, allowing a 35% density film to be applied to side and back windows of vehicles.

For more information contact Leon on 011 640-5053 or click here

Klingshield offers Smash & Grab customers a warranty against cracking , delaminating and loosening, for a period of 5 years, for all film installed on side windows of vehicles.

Under special circumstances, when our premium products are installed on the side windows of vehicles, a lifetime guarantee is available.


All warranties are non-transferable and only apply to the original customer who had the film installed on their vehicle.


Front windscreen film, applied on the inside, comes with a 3 year warranty only.


All warranties are subject to the stranded terms and conditions as stated on our warranty form.