We only install 150 micron, Double-Thick, because this heavy duty product is required in the South African  market, due to the types of attacks we have experienced on motor vehicle windows recently.

 We offer a lifetime guarantee on material and labour, subject to our terms and conditions.

 We offer a special anchoring system under the panel to help prevent the glass from being pulled out of the  frame.

 Our products have been tested by the SABS for distortion free quality, scratch resistant surface and high  impact resistance.

 We only use distilled water with our applications to ensure no bacteria builds up between film and glass for  maximum longevity.

 We have been installing Smash & Grab for over 40 years and in fact are the inventors of heavy duty window  film products.

 Our Smash & Grab Tint products stop 99% of the Ultra-Violet light, the main cause of upholstery fading.

 Our Smash & Grab Tint stops the sun by up to 65% and keeps your vehicle cooler at all times.

 We offer a full range of Smash & Grab tints, from clear through to privacy tinting, at no extra charge.

 Our fitment centre is completely dust free to ensure the best finish and workmanship in the market place.

 We offer a money back guarantee.

 We have a first class lounge and waiting area available on-site.

 We are the only company to offer front windscreen protection in our nano-ceramic film, which reduces  sunlight coming through the front windows. Please note, Smash & Grab excludes front windscreen film,  which is available at an additional cost if required.

For Ease Of Reference, Herewith A Link To Enable You To Download Directions To Our Smash & Grab Tinting Centre