July 6, 2018


Final payment attached, thanks the job is very nice and neat.


Graham Thomas

Senior Manager Engineering

Telephone : (011) 474 4073

July 2, 2018

Dear Leon,

I wish to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for your prompt and professional response to my inquiry in the above regard.

Your team arrived this morning and set above the job in a quiet efficient manner. I am totally satisfied with the work done. The w...

July 2, 2018


Your workmen have completed the work very well. I have misplaced your quote so cannot remember the outstanding balance. Please send this to me for me to settle.



November 20, 2017

Dear Leon

Thank you for replacing the Klingshield at no cost. I appreciate the service. Your staff were wonderful and very efficient. They are definitely an asset to your company.

Thank you again for replacing the film. I will definitely do business with your company.


November 20, 2017

Good Afternoon

I would like to thank you for replacing the film on my window, that was damaged during the warranty period.

It was replaced as per the warranty document.

I appreciate all the help



Mike Sandler

November 20, 2017


We have being dealing with Klingshield since 1995 and more particularly with Zal, their Representative since then and up until now.

The more recent work we had done was in September 2013 and after 4 years (October 2017), we noticed a few problems on...

November 20, 2017

Hi Klingshield.

Attached please find "pop" for R4998.98 the outstanding balance on quote No:203488 as full and final settlement.

Thank you for a professionally well done job.

Kind regards,


October 20, 2017

Klingshield honours it's warranty after 4 years

For some reason the film started to become wavy on certain window panes.

After receiving the official complaint, Klingshield immediately agreed to replace the film, free of charge to the customer, as per it's written guaran...

October 20, 2017

Phelane Selinyane called into our Smash and Grab fitment centre today, advising us that when stones hit his side window, the Smash and Grab window film performed by holding all the glass together, which impressed him.

He was eager to have it replaced immediately as he w...

September 7, 2017

It has recently been reported that these thugs hold up women in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

They then try to bite the driver's ring off

This is a warning to all women is SA who have expensive Jewellery to rather put it away in a safe place and not walk around with it i...