Satisfied Klingshield Customer

Klingshield honours it's warranty after 4 years

For some reason the film started to become wavy on certain window panes.

After receiving the official complaint, Klingshield immediately agreed to replace the film, free of charge to the customer, as per it's written guarantee, which clearly demonstrates it is worth the paper it is written on.

This was done without any questions asked and was attended to a day after the complaint was received

On The 18th of October 2017, a letter of appreciation was sent to one of our sales consultants.

The letter read as follows:

Good Morning Zal,

We are really appreciative of the fact that Klingshield is prepared to replace the affected panes

It has always been a pleasure to deal with you Zal, and this positive reaction is an indication of the quality of service both from you personally and from Klingshield. We will indeed provide a letter testifying to this fact shortly.

Kind regards

Sharon and Fulvio Vaccaro

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