Do Car Hire Companies Rip Clients Off On Repair Costs?

It has been reported, in an English newspaper, that a car hire company could have been overcharging for repairs to damaged vehicles, by inflating prices up to 300%.

This company could face a criminal enquiry over these possible unethical activities.

The National Body Repair Association says that this problem was in-fact wide spread.

Let the client be aware and always check the fine print.

The same thing applies to consumers who have their windows treated with Smash and Grab security film.

Not all films are the same when it comes to construction, performance and adhesion.

Once again the buyer needs to go with a reputable company who understand this product in-depth.

Klingshield were the creators and inventors of Smash and Grab window film for car windows and have an understanding and a passion for this product.

We are the only company to offer a life-time warranty, for labor and material, in the world wide window film market.

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