Japanese Car Manufacturer Produces Once -Off Custom-made Car To Create A Wow Factor

Honda, in conjunction with Disney, has come up with a Mini Mouse motor car to create attention at the D23 Expo.

This Mini Van will not be sold after the event and will become a collectors piece.

The Honda Odyssey Mini Van will also feature in a Disney show at two of the Disneyland resorts.

The once-off vehicle is painted in a pink polkadot design and has an oversized bow and mouse ears mounted on the roof.

One wonders wether the windows of this vehicle will be treated with safety smash and grab window film, to protect the driver, should there be any incidents involving the vehicle.

Klingshield Smash and Grab window film turns ordinary toughened glass into shatterproof glass, thereby reducing the risk of flying glass in a violent attack or accident.

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