The Famous Henry Ford Museum Houses Some Of The Worlds Famous Racing Cars

Racing fans have a field day when visiting The Henry Ford Museum, as there are cars that won the Le Mans, NASCAR and IndyCar races.

The Henry Ford Museum is a large indoor and outdoor history complex in Detroit Michigan, USA and was opened to the public in June 1933.

There are several historically significant items as well as lots of memorabilia.

The museum is a fascinating place for visitors, to gain a deeper understanding of the American people. places, events and things.

When one looks at these amazing old racing cars, one wonders how these dangerous machines drove at high speeds without installing a security window film onto the existing windows.

In today's modern world, more and more cars are being installed with what is known as "Smash and Grab Tinting" to prevent heat build-up, as well as to secure the glass, which is always a hazard when penetrated with a missile.

Glass flies at high speeds and causes severe injury and damage to property.

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