A Risk Of Skin Damage And Cancer Through Your Vehicle Window

A recent article in the "This is money" publication highlights the risk of the right side of the body which is exposed to much UV radiation, even when your side window is closed.

Motorists need to take precaution and protect themselves against this risk of skin damage.

Tests have revealed that long term exposure to the sun while driving can lead to wrinkles, leathering, sagging, brown-age spots and even skin cancer, because the glass used in the side and back windows of cars offer little UVA protection.

An absolute answer to this problem is to uninstall Klingshield's window film, which cuts out 99% of UV.

You also have the added advantage of klingshield shatterproofing your windows against smash and grab attackers.

UV cameras showed the harmful impact the sun had on drivers' skin, especially on the right side that's closer to a window with limited UV protection.

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